CKMGNT Productions


Why the name?

Immersive multimedia experience based entertainment

Nataraj is another name for Shiva, the Hindu god of transformation, in his form as the Dancer.  The name was given to him by his band members because of his passion for conscious dance's transformative power.  Essential to this process is letting go of and burning away that which does not serve us or does not reflect our Essence, and Nataraj's facilitation helps us do just that.

DJ Nataraj uses up-to-date Ableton Live software and hardware MIDI controllers, including a wireless Keytar, to deliver a unique musical experience.  He draws from an extensive and eclectic world music and sound clip library.  New capabilities are being added all the time.  He can also work with, record, and/or remix or master your audio source material.

DJ Nataraj has played keyboards and harmonium for high-energy kirtan and global ecstatic chants with the band One Love Chant since 2009.  

He has expanded his musical offerings to offer support for live music yoga and conscious dance classes, as well as ecstatic dance events.  He founded Dance Church Ithaca in 2014, and Soul Dance the same year.  He'd love to hear from you!


About dj NATARAJ